Café Melange Reviews

"Points come from placing visitors in the café with possible bonuses at the end where players' guests share tables with personalities. This is a clever, subtle game, whose atmosphere is enhanced by the terrific illustrations – each guest is a unique drawing."
"From the graphical point of view if you do not know who the publisher is German I would bet on a French
production, from the mechanical point of view if they had told me that this game was the new flagship game of Days of Wonder have believed it.

I invite you to look for it and to prove it, I for what little I tried it and I liked it not that I had the return luggage already full I would have bought instantly, however, sooner or later will come in my little private collection ...". Federico  2013

"CAFE MELANGE was a very low-profile new game from last Essen. But when I passed by Clicker Spiele’s booth, the artwork quickly drew my attention. After chatting briefly with Stephan (designer), understanding its mechanic and theme, I quickly snapped up a copy since the game scope would fit nicely into our Retreat."

Clicker Spiele - Stephan Riedel - Schwemmstr. 3a - 64572 Büttelborn - Germany -      Impressum

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