Gads Hill 1874


Railway Station
1st Gads Hill 1874 Expansion*
2 - 5 Players         +10 years             Author:  Stephan Riedel                       Illustrationen: Christian Opperer

The first expansion of Gads Hill 1874 contains additional clue cards and markers. With this material the building “Station” and the location “Cemetery” and “Bison Field” can be placed by the players. The placing of this buildings / location is more difficult because there are just four markers of each. But the players get more winning points for placing.

With the additional buildings / locations Gads Hill 1874 is playable with 5 players, too.

​                                         Content: 12 Clue Cards,  9 Markers, Rules

Jesse James
2nd Gads Hill 1874 Expansion*
1 - 4 Players         +10 years             Author:  S. Riedel, Ch. Weisser       Illustrationen: Ch. Opperer, S. Riedel

Jesse and Frank James have been seen in Gads Hill.
At the beginning of the game, the player place the 8 Jesse and Frank James markers on the building squares.
If a player places a building with a marker on it, she/he receives the marker.

But be careful! Only pairs of Frank and Jesse James markers will earn additional victory points. A single marker gives the player a minus point.

​                                         Content: 8 Jesse and Frank James Markers, Rules

*just playable with the basic game

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