Gotham Race

Ostfrisenlauf - Das turbulente Laufspiel

for 2 - 4 Players, +8 years   Author: Stephan Riedel            Illustrationen: Halali


In 12th Century England, King John was approaching Gotham. The route he took would become a public road paid for by the villagers. So the wise men of Gotham pretended to be mad. As madness was known to be highly contagious, the King altered his route and the villagers avoided the taxes.
The villagers of Gotham were only remembered for their foolishness, and having no road, now just run round in circles. But being wise they realise that on a race track you can run in either direction. That’s why it certainly astonishes everyone when a runner, after a sudden spurt, lets himself fall back again to last position in order to come through the finish the wrong way.

The players run the race with their playing figures. The runners are moved with the help of the action cards, the instructions on which relate to the position of the figure in the race.

Beginning with the player in last position, the players place a card face down in the middle of the table.
Once all players have placed their card, the cards will be turned over and their instructions carried out one after another.
The positions of the runners can change according to the instructions. Therefore you cannot always be sure that the runner you want to move will actually be the one to be moved.
The winner is the first to move his figure across the finish line. This is also possible by going backwards through the finish, so crossing the finish line from the wrong direction.

„It isn’t particularly deep – a game doesn’t last more than 30 minutes – but it is good fun and offers a bit of a challenge.
Good stuff."
Report on the 2005 games fair by Pevans
トド吉には大笑いされましたが、なぜかゴタムって出てこないんですよねぇ・・・ 2015年03月23日
  • 60 Cards

  • 1 Game Board

  • 4 Wooden Figures

  • 1 Finish Sign

  • Rules in German and English, (French)

Clicker Spiele - Stephan Riedel - Schwemmstr. 3a - 64572 Büttelborn - Germany -      Impressum

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