Schinderhannes - Logic game at its best

for 1 - 4 players  + 9 years     Author:  Stephan Riedel                 Illustrationen: Christian Opperer

Soonwald 1802

The players take on the roles of local inhabitants of the Soonwald forest in the year 1802. They sit together at their table in an old tavern, a map of the area spread out in front of them. The map (the board), shows the districts and locations in which Schinderhannes committed his crimes. The players talk about his crimes. Each has heard something different or read the newspapers or police reports.

Together they try to work out where Schinderhannes committed each crime. The players use the cards to gain clues about the locations of the crimes (such as, ‘In the autumn of 1798 Schinderhannes and Peter Petrie tried to steal a donkey’ or ‘Schinderhannes commits a felony in the east’).

"As you probably can tell, I like this game quite a bit. It is original, the theme is very well integrated and the gameplay is quick and exciting. Compared to Tobago, which awed me with its components then let me down with its fiddliness and an unsatisfying close-but-no-cigars feel, this feels much more streamlined; the decisions way more meaningful. Plus you get to meet my boyhood hero Robin Hood...kind of." Manuel Pasi, BGG

  • 4 Score Figures

  • 76 Information Cards: Delict Cards, Group Cards, Destrict Cards, Location Cards, Joker

  • 1 Game Board

  • 16 Crime-scene Tiles and 80 Clue Markers

Clicker Spiele - Stephan Riedel - Schwemmstr. 3a - 64572 Büttelborn - Germany -      Impressum

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