• Excellent 2-player game (less adapted with more players where kingmaking and luck is more present)!

  • A superb refinement of the Old Town system. I do not really enjoy deduction games, but I really liked my play of this.

  • Deduction game based on the designers earlier game of Old Town. Sort of a board game version of a logic problem.

  • If you like Old Town, I expect you will like this game. It is a bit more refined than Old Town and much more beautiful of a game. However, questions still arose in our game that I wasn't able to find out during the game...

  • A rather unique gaming experience. It feels more like solving a logical puzzle than playing a game. The graphic is great and it is themed very well. Will play this more.

  • Every turn is a little logic puzzle. A friend commented that it's board gaming Sudoku, which I agree with. I don't think there's much long tern strategy in this game, but the mechanisms are so unique that it's simply refreshing to play this one.

  • A very interesting deduction game which offers something new for a genre that has been done time and again. I'm worried that the flow of the game might follow a scripted path where some players will place token on the board while others "harvest" with the proper cards. Will play again for sure.

.As you probably can tell, I like this game quite a bit. It is original, the theme is very well integrated and the gameplay is quick and exciting.
Compared to Tobago, which awed me with its components then let me down with its fiddliness and an unsatisfying close-but-no-cigars feel, this feels much more streamlined; the decisions way more meaningful.
Plus you get to meet my boyhood hero Robin Hood...kind of."
Manuel Pasi 2010-03-07 BGG

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