Battle of the Nations 1813


Battle of the Nations 1813

for 2 players +12 years Author: Stephan Riedel            Illustrationen: Bernhard Kilchmann

In October 1813, 600,000 soldiers faced each other near Leipzig. On one side Napoleon with his army and on the other Fürst Schwarzenberg with the allied armies of the great powers Prussia, Austria, Russia and Sweden.

As Napoleon you have the mission to control the game and to occupy the villages around Leipzig with your troops and to defend them successfully until the end. Your opponent Fürst zu Schwarzenberg tries to prevent this with his available armies.

More information about the Battle of Leipzig 1813.

Original bullet from the battlefields of the Battle of Leipzig 1813
  • Game Board
  • 11 Generals und 8 Marshals (= Armies)

  • 4 Terrain Tiles

  • 52 Troop Markers, 6 „-1 Chips“

  • 40 Action Cards, 25 Mission Cards, 19 Army Cards, 5 Scout Cards, 4 Information Cards,

  • 15 Wooden Figures, Time Indicator

  • Rules in German and English

Clicker Spiele - Stephan Riedel - Schwemmstr. 3a - 64572 Büttelborn - Germany -      Impressum

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